How Different Grades of Coffee Beans Are Grown And Produced

How Different Grades of Coffee Beans Are Grown And Produced

How Different Grades of Coffee Beans Are Grown And Produced:

Coffee beans are grown and produced in many parts of the world, but mostly in areas that lie near the equatorial region. The quality of coffee beans is dependant on different natural factors that is beyond the farmers’ control but one that farmers need to vigilantly consider if high grade beans is the desired result. Coffee crops grown in high altitude location tends to produce richer and stronger flavor characteristics than those grown in lower altitude location. The soil at which these crops is grown at determines the distinct flavor of the bean produced.

While there’s no standard coffee grade chart available, coffee beans are still priced according to their quality. One of the most high-priced coffee beans is perhaps the Blue Mountain Coffee. Grown and produced in the Blue Mountains area of Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee is famous for its mild flavor and not too bitter taste. A pack of beans that’s officially qualified as Blue Mountain Coffee can easily fetch numerous times the price of the regular beans that one buys in the market.

Another premium type of coffee is the Kopi Luwak that hails from Indonesia. Such is the reputation of Kopi Luwak that some specialty stores have attached a price tag as high as US$100 or maybe more simply for a cup of espresso brewed from the bean. While Indonesia is known for its rich volcanic soil and idylic weather condition to grow coffee, one of the most interesting thing contributing to the reputation of Kopi Luwak is nothing to do with all these. Kopi Luwak is able to bring such premium because of its rarity since the beans are harvested not by people but civet cats.

Naturally, the curious question that every coffee enthusiast will be asking is if it is worth paying such premium for these types of bean. The one thing with human is basically because we’re living in a generally capitalist world, we often convince ourselves when we have two options to pick from, the more costly choice will certainly be superior. But what I’ve learned along the years is such stereotypes in many cases are dumbfounded and you’ve to establish your personal definition of good before you know if something is good for the cost it fetches.

To illustrate this point further, ask yourself this simple question. There are beautiful coffee makers being displayed and sold in the department stores, with price tags ranging from few hundreds to few thousands of dollars. Yet, there are simple coffee makers such as drip or French Press based, that cost merely tens of dollars. Which do you think will produce in superior brew? Unless you are a true coffee connoiseur who really understands what it takes to make a perfect brew, the more expensive ones are more likely to be the typical answer that I get from most people. It may be hard to accept, but it turns out that the best coffee maker is still the French Press.

To answer the question on what a difference do premium coffee beans make, it does make a difference. Nevertheless the more valid question, in my opinion, should be how much of a premium should you pay for a particular type of beans. That to me, seems like a far more intelligent question that every caffeine lover ought to be asking.

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