Keurig Accessories

Keurig Accessories

Going by the increasing sales of Keurig, the brewing system of single cup coffee has surely captured the local market. The K-cup system of Keurig happens to be the most common among the new single cup brewers line. Unlike other systems of single cup (which use ‘pods’ created for making a single cup of coffee), the K-cup system utilizes a K-cup (a small coffee brewer with basket and filter in a reliable, disposable packet).

People are attracted to Keurig due to the various coffees offered in K-cups. There are dozens of blends of Green Coffee in K-cups, and hence more options in cups that are pre-packaged than other one-cup brewing systems. The system provides great flavor, variety, and convenience.

There are several Keurig accessories, such as an attractive carousel, to complement the single cup brewers. Get one or all of them to ease the use of Keurig. The following are some useful Keurig accessories for the single cup system.

K-cup Display and Storage

There are 3 different choices for this. You no longer need to rummage in the box or cabinet, get the appropriate blend if you possess K-cup holders.

K-cup Carousel

This is a nice chrome-plated Susan which can hold twenty seven K-cups. Its compact design reduces the space required enabling the easy selection of hot chocolates, coffees and teas. With a height of 10 inches and a diameter of 8 inches, it fits on almost all cabinet shelves, and their price of under $20 makes them economical.

K-cup Rack

This can be mounted on the walls, or made to stand on a bar counter. The racks are attractively designed to keep 8 or 4 25 K-cups. The 4-pack holder has one portion condiment tray for creamers and sugar while the 8-pack holder has 3-portion condiment tray for extra storage area. Hang a holder closer to the K – cup brewing system.

My K-cup

This K-cup filter is a type of reusable accessory that can be packed with coffee. It’s great for people who grind coffee before brewing or like to use the single cup system and home roasters. It is created to suit Elite B40, Keurig home brewing system and Ultra B50, and doesn’t fit the commercial Keurig brewing systems. It can be used with reusable filter baskets in twin packages, to have a replaceable filter.

Perfect Pod Holsters

This is an attractive tiny machine which allows for the preparation of coffee pods in various sizes in order to fit varied single cup systems. It’s designed such that it can turn the pod, equal to or greater than 55mm, into K-cups which may be applied to the Keurig home brewing systems. Its use allows the use cheaper pods. Combining it with a good Pod maker, creates pods from blends.

Keurig Travel Mug

This thermal mug, which is made from stainless steel, keeps the coffee at a good temperature and is portable, so you don’t need to gourmet coffee at higher prices. These fashionable Keurig accessories have the logo of Keurig engraved on them with a perfect handle for holding easily. It holds about 450g of coffee.

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