Keurig B3000 SE Commercial Single Cup Brewing System

Keurig B3000 SE Commercial Single Cup Brewing System

Like other Keurig machines, the Keurig B3000SE brews a great cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or even iced beverage with the touch of a button. In under one minute, your perfect beverage is delivered. Now everyone in your office can brew exactly what they want.

The Keurig B3000SE is perfect for the office with 30-50 people. It  has an easy to read LCD Interface that has step-by-step brewing instructions in 3 languages. The instructions are clear and precise, and are in English, Spanish, and French. You also get a choice of 4 cup sizes, and even has a flip tray so it can accommodate the taller travel mugs. With this commercial Keurig machine, you must use the Keurig K-cups. The available selection of different coffees and teas will make this a great experience.

Each time this Keurig machine is used, the K-Cup portion pack is automatically ejected into a removable bin, so that it only has to be emptied after 12 to 15 brews.

This coffee brewer is compatible with a coin changer accessory that takes US and Canadian coins, so everyone that uses it shares in the cost of the K-Cups.

Features of the Keurig b3000se coffee brewer:

•  Choice of 4 cup sizes (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.) •  Direct-water-line plumbing so you don’t have to keep refilling the reservoir •  Automatic used K-Cup ejection and storage •  Separate Hot Water Spigot •  Platform accessory available for additional used K-Cup storage •  Coin Changer available to offset the cost •  It has 3 language options readily available •  UL approved for commercial use

Imagine a brew to satisfy every taste. When you choose from four different brew strengths, you get a drink that is brewed specifically to your taste. A 4-ounce brew is intense and is ideal for iced coffee or espresso-like drink.  As the cup size you choose gets larger, your drink gets milder. The b3000se is also able to dispense hot water for making instant soups, hot chocolate, tea, etc. The water delivery is separate from the coffee delivery. When the brewer is ready the display will have a separate button for Hot Water.

One brewer, no waiting. With the brewer directly connected to a water line, you can brew a new cup of coffee every 60 seconds, or over 700 cups a day, without having to refill a water tank.

Iced Coffee tips:

1. Choose a dark roast for your iced coffee. French Roast works extremely well. Brew it on the strong side as when you add the ice it will dilute it some. (You could keep coffee ice cubes on hand to prevent dilution).

2. To sweeten your iced drink, add the sugar or sweetener while the coffee is still hot. Sugar and other sweeteners don’t dissolve well in cold drinks.

3. Keep your favorite flavored syrup handy. You can purchase the same syrups that are used at the fanciest espresso stands to add that extra special flavor to your drink. There are even many sugar free flavors to choose from. Da Vinci Gourmet and Monin are 2 of the most popular brands on the market.

4. Try sweetened condensed milk if you like milk and sugar. This will make a frappuccino type drink that is almost dessert like.

5. If you really want a dessert treat, add a scoop of coffee, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream. It is unbelievably delicious.

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Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System

List Price: $667.74
Sale Price: $667.74
(as of 01/23/2018 21:37 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

The large Keurig K3000SE provides you an with great cappuccino, coffee and espresso and is perfect for office use. This Keurig espresso maker is an ideal beverage making machine that offers four different brew strengths from a mild 10 oz to an intense 4 oz brew for a variety of beverages. You can get a variety of flavors sealed in the ready-to-use K-cups with this Keurig coffee machine. The auto-eject and Empty Bin feature of the Keurig K3000SE allows you to drop up to 35 cups into the bin and alerts you when the bin is full. This Keurig espresso maker boasts a direct water-line plumping to give you a fresh cup of coffee every 60 seconds. The drip tray of this Keurig coffee machine is easy to remove and clean. This brewer is ready to be connected to your water supply and does not include a filter.


  • Office and Home Commercial Brewer
  • 4 brew sizes from 4 oz to 10 oz.
  • Automatic used K-Cup pod ejection and storage
  • Direct-water-line plumbing (fixtures not included and plumbing is the responsibility of the purchaser).
  • Unlimited back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds.

Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System 4.0 out of 5 based on 38 ratings.
Keurig Brewing Systems Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System $667.74

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