Keurig B60

Keurig B60

keurigb60As far as single cup coffee makers go, the Keurig B60 single cup coffee maker is about as popular as it gets. Offering more savings than Tassimo coffee makers, this machine is finding its way on counter tops across the country. So, what are users saying about this wonderful little brewing machine?

The Keurig B60 retails for about $150 regardless of where you shop. This single cup coffee maker looks great and will fit in perfectly on any counter top. The sleek design looks far better than a traditional coffee maker. Furthermore, there are no nasty coffee filters or stained pots to deal with any longer.

Two of the more popular brands of coffee available for the machine are Donut House and Green Mountain. Green Mountain has an excellent assortment of flavors available. For instance, they offer a Keurig iced coffee K cup in French Vanilla that is just as good as any coffee shop in the neighborhood. For those of you that like something stronger, there is also a Keurig espresso and cappuccino K cup.

According to Keurig coffee maker reviews, this machine is far more durable than the competition. Tassimo coffee maker users often complain of a very short lifespan of their machines. Keurig coffee makers reviews on sites such as Amazon often tell a far different tale. While the machine does have reported issues about mineral build up, this is often the users fault and not the actual coffee maker.

Brewing itself could not be easier. It is just about as easy as filling up the water reservoir, inserting a K cup, and hitting brew. In about a minute, there is a fresh cup of piping hot coffee ready to consume. This particular model also offers three different coffee sizes: 5.25oz, 7.25oz, and 9.25oz. The other coffee makers in this series do not offer the 9.25oz brew.

While the cost of the actual K cups is more than going to the grocery store and buying a pound of Maxwell House, it is far less than the price on the Tassimo T cups. The Keurig B60 offers a coffeehouse cup of coffee for far less than you would be paying at Starbucks or the local coffee shop. And after all, if someone is buying one of these single cup coffee makers, they are more than likely doing so to avoid the coffee shop in the first place. That being said, the machine will pay for itself in just a few months.

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