Keurig Tea K-Cup

Keurig Tea K-Cup

Every Keurig Tea K-Cup is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out light, oxygen, moisture and humidity. This locks in the flavor, and insures freshness.

When you first get your Keurig machine, you may not even think about all the things you can do with it. It usually comes with an assortment of coffee K-cups for you to try. Hot chocolate cups are also available. Keurig Tea seems to be a well kept secret for some reason. There are so many brands and flavors available that tea drinkers will cherish their Keurig machine as much as coffee drinkers do.

Did you know that studies show many health benefits to drinking tea? There are many ongoing studies on this, but it has already been shown to be protective against developing Parkinson Disease. Rinsing your mouth with tea, may prevent cavities and gum disease.

Why does tea have so many health benefits? While this seems like a simple beverage, tea is really a complex brew of chemicals. Most of the chemicals found in tea are flavonoids. Simply stated, flavonoids are a natural class of antioxidants that are found in many plant-derived foods.

Antioxidants rid your body of molecules called free radicals. In the American diet, black tea is the single biggest source of flavonoids. Free radicals are the result of damage done to our bodies by pollution and natural aging. When there are free radicals in the body’s cells they are really unstable, and they react negatively with other important molecules like DNA. This causes malfunctions and injury on the cellular level. Cancer and heart disease have a clearer path to invade your body when these free radical molecules are present.

Think about this. Antioxidants help the blood vessels relax, thereby allowing blood to flow more easily. This potentially lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress on your heart. Tea has been found to prevent death from a heart attack for this reason.

In oral health care, many studies have revealed that rinsing with black or green tea may lead to better oral health. Preventing cavities and gum disease are two common ailments that have been shown to be obvious benefits. Again, it is the antioxidants behind the benefits. The black tea will suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease and cavities. These antioxidants will interfere or inhibit the attachment of bacteria to the tooth’s surface.

There are very few downsides to drinking tea. As with anything, start with moderation, and if you are sensitive to caffeine, you will need to be careful to find decaffeinated varieties. Adding tea to your daily liquid consumption is generally a great idea.

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