Mix up Your Coffee Drinking Routine

Mix up Your Coffee Drinking Routine

Mix up Your Coffee Drinking Routine:

Coffee is, for many people no doubt, a reassuring comfort food and a source of much-needed energy to depend on, but it’s also a chance to go out on a limb and shake up your routine. Even if moderation is your mantra, why not try enjoying a couple more cups once in a while? It could improve your outlook and boost the pleasure factor by indulging your taste buds for a day. Perhaps, instead, you’re unafraid of excess, used to quaffing an entire pot; maybe cutting back will help you to savor every sip just a little better and keep you from suffering a caffeine crash later on.

Decaffeinated coffee may not make much sense to those who rely on coffee for the long haul at work, but you might be surprised by how fulfilling the drink can actually be. Decaf coffee helps one enjoy the beverage purely for its warmth and rich flavor, minus the sometimes annoying mood-altering effects. On the other hand, if you swear by decaf, infusing a little caffeine on special occasions might prove a welcome change.

Consider adding or detracting sugars, mixing up flavors, or choosing a new kind of cream. If this sounds unfamiliar, try giving up the bitterness of your regular black coffee and make some room for cream and sugar. Watch with delight as the reaction takes place, rich dark color fading to a honey-brown hue in an instant and, in a few seconds, you will be stirring away.

If you have an incurable sweet tooth, however, venture past your comfort zone and bask in the purity of an unadulterated cup of joe; it might have a medicinal effect. Go back to the good old-fashion basics and soak up the aroma of simple splendor.

Even though you may prefer your coffee to fly solo, another idea is to pair a dainty morsel, such as a bagel, breakfast donut, or protein bar, with your beverage. It’s an unusual combination compared to that of milk or tea, but you’d be surprised how well coffee and cookies can go together, as well.

If you feel stifled alone in your cubicle, grab of cup of office coffee, find a corner in the break room and chat with co-workers. If you need alone-time, grab a bench outside, drink in tow.

Don’t feel always constrained to use a Styrofoam cup out of the breakroom supplies, either. Help save the environment and tickle your fancy by investing in a clever, unique mug, even a whole collection. If pottery art is in your blood, you could take up ceramics and make one of your own. Whether you’re the world’s best dad or a wonder woman, drinking coffee from a special mug suddenly assumes an air of meaningful importance.

Finally, no matter what style suits you, never rush through your coffee experience. No one needs to sip slowly, but guzzling is hardly ever a smart choice. Be creative and find opportunities to mix things up when it comes time to appreciate some coffee.

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